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Service Agreements -- “The Smart Choice”

Heating and cooling systems have a way of breaking down when the weather is at its worst; on the coldest day of a frigid winter, or during a sizzling summer heat wave; times when your comfort system must work the hardest, and when you need it most.

Regular check-ups will help to maximize the life expectancy of your system; unfortunately, even the best maintenance won't prevent normal wear and tear.

Your investment includes:

  • SYSTEM INSPECTIONS - System(s) will be thoroughly inspected twice (2) annually with a written report provided. The inspections are: SPRING "Cooling Tune-Up" for major spring-cleaning and cooling service. FALL "Heating Safety Check" to insure the heating system is functioning in a safe and operational manner.
  • CLEANING-EXCLUSIVE OF AIR FILTERS AND DUCT WORK - All accessible components will be cleaned annually for efficient system performance.
  • LUBRICATION - At each system inspection, equipment components will be lubricated if required at that time.

Your membership benefits:

  • Preferred same day service if you call before noon for cooling and heating repairs (excludes weekends and holidays).
  • A five (5%) discount on the price of repairs includes parts and labor.
  • A five (5%) discount on the price of replacement equipment.
  • Agreement is transferrable to new ownership should you sell your home.

It's Easy To Join:

Becoming a Comfort Plus+ member is a convenient and easy process. Simply print and fill out the bottom portion of the 1st page of this enrollment form, detach and enclose payment for the proper amount, and mail to:

4910A Steffani Ln.
Houston, TX 77041

For credit card payments please call the office @ 713-937-4010.


Two Performance Tune-Ups Per Year

Having your system checked regularly enables us to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible, which saves you money on your utility bill month after month. These regular check-ups also enables us to catch problems such as loose or burnt wires, and freon leaks, before they lead to a larger problem such as motor failure.

Preferred Same Day Service

Preferred same day service if you call before noon for cooling and heating repairs (excludes weekends and holidays)

5% Off Replacement Parts

Example of savings: if the cost of a blower motor replacement was $400, you would save $20 on the repair.

5% Off Repair Labor

Our discounted rates save you money with every service call. Our repair trucks are fully stocked so we are able to repair 99% of calls on the first visit.

5% Off New Unit Purchases

If or when it's time for a new energy-efficient unit, you receive 10% off the complete installation. The average unit today is over $5000 installed. The savings typically pays for the initial cost of the service agreement.